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MBAC 6040 Syllabus

MBAC 6040 Syllabus - 1 The Leeds School University of...

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1 The Leeds School University of Colorado Fall, 2007 Organizational Management. 0630-0915P M KOBL S125 Hayward, M. Professor Mathew Hayward Mathew. [email protected] Office Koelbel 477. Office hours 5.00-6.30 Monday. COURSE SYNOPSIS AND STRUCTURE Organizational management is the art of making, communicating and executing great decisions. You should leave this course with the frameworks and skills that make you an expert at combining all three to become an effective manager. This course is organized around choosing great business decisions that are compellingly communicated and superbly executed, as follows: A Framework for Excellent Management of Organizations Deciding Persuading Implementing So the challenge is to develop skills for making, communicating and executing such decisions. Think first about deciding where the challenge is to use the right decision making approach for the right situation. At one extreme, you might have a problem that calls for a highly structured decision making process under fairly general circumstances. Consulting firms, for instance, use structured problem solving to solve a range of general problems: How to develop a new product, how to install new safety procedures and so forth. At the other extreme, we might have a situation that calls for intuitive problem solving: You have to make a snap decision on whether to go with a certain supplier or invest in a certain customer in real time. You will need the skills to solve general problems that you hav en‟t seen before and specific problems – like how to negotiate pricing with a supplier -- that we already have a good idea about how to solve. Obviously, your advice and work is only as effective as your persuasion skills. You might have decided to join y our „dream company‟, you have clinched the
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2 interview but lack the persuasion skills to make the job happen. You might have made a bad product launch decision even though your negotiations with venture investors went well. Apple‟s launch of iPOD was a superb initiative that was brilliantly communicated and executed. Persuasion involves using the right communication approach for the right situation. At one extreme, you are an intern at IBM and are presenting to CEO, Sam Palmisano. What he expects from you is a formal, incredibly well substantiated argument. At the other extreme, you find yourself at a social gathering with a local entrepreneur who wants to know whether you are a good fit with her operation. You need to present your best self in an informal negotiation. Any business person needs the skills to deal with these very different and highly common situations, as represented below: Module 1: Making Great Decisions, Persuasively McKinsey Problem Solving (class1) Business Models (Zipcar 2) Distributive Negotiations (4) Integrative Negotiations (5) Heuristics and Biases (Carter Racing 3) Pyramid Principle (6) Psychology of Persuasion (6) General Specific Structured Intuitive GREAT DECISIONS COMPELLINGLY DELIVERED Decisions General Specific Structured Intuitive Persuasion!
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MBAC 6040 Syllabus - 1 The Leeds School University of...

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