ANTH222w08 - ANTH 222: Legal Anthropology Prof. Ronald...

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1 ANTH 222: Legal Anthropology Prof. Ronald Niezen Winter 2008 Office hours: Wed. 10:00 – 11:00 Leacock 818. Tel: 514-398-4298 E-mail: Course description: This course has two principal goals: The first is to introduce students to the key issues, concepts, and methods of legal anthropology as a distinct field of research. The comparative study of human society was often drawn to questions concerning the sources of social order, obedience, and dispute resolution in the absence of literacy and bureaucracy. The first part of this course covers the intellectual history of legal anthropology, outlining the legacy of the most influential approaches to the comparative and ethnographic study of legal systems. Second, legal anthropology will be approached as a sub-discipline with important things to say about contemporary cultural contests, activism, representation and identity formation. It has emerged in the past decade or so as a particularly ground-breaking field of research, in part because it has become central to understanding the changed dynamics of cultural expression and collective identity. In many parts of the world, legal systems are “pluralizing,” integrating local conceptions of justice with formal procedures and institutions. At the same time, more people and organizations than ever before are using the institutions and mechanisms of law to achieve conditions of equal access to the benefits of rights, recognition, and prosperity. The challenges of identifying and interpreting the controversies that follow from claims of difference and distinct rights are central to the new field of legal anthropology. Requirements:
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ANTH222w08 - ANTH 222: Legal Anthropology Prof. Ronald...

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