ANTH212w08 - D.W. Attwood ANTH 212 Winter 2008 ANTHROPOLOGY...

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D.W. Attwood Stewart Biology S1/4 ANTH 212 Winter 2008 T/Th 2:35-3:55 ANTHROPOLOGY OF DEVELOPMENT Objectives: This course introduces development problems from an anthropological perspective. Topics such as social, economic and environmental change, poverty and inequality, population trends and globalization will be explored with three case studies: from India, Indonesia, and Costa Rica. We learn how local changes are affected by large-scale processes, such as industrialization, globalization, and population growth, and by institutions such as international agencies, governments, cooperatives and NGOs. Individual, familial, cooperative, and community coping strategies are examined. Participation in the courses requires sustained effort and regular attendance plus well-honed skills in reading, writing, and analysis. Course material is provided in readings, lectures, and videos. Lectures comment on topics in the readings but also provide information and analysis not covered in the readings. It is essential both to attend the lectures and read the texts. Organization: The course is divided into 3 parts focusing on: (1) India, (2) Indonesia (specifically, Bali), and (3) Costa Rica. One ethnographic case study will be required reading for each part. Lectures and videos will provide additional (and essential) information about regional contexts and development issues relating to each case study. As the majority of people in the developing world live in the countryside, all three case studies are concerned with various aspects of rural development. Required readings: Three books: W. & C. Wiser: Behind Mud Walls: 75 Years in a North Indian Village (2000 edition); J. Stephen Lansing: The Balinese (1995); Deborah Sick: Farmers of the Golden Bean: Costa Rican Households, Global Coffee, and Fair Trade (2008). (These books are sold at Paragraph bookstore.) Plus a short course pack of 6 articles.
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ANTH212w08 - D.W. Attwood ANTH 212 Winter 2008 ANTHROPOLOGY...

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