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BME 402 Material Review not due Gross Anatomy Peripheral Nervous System (PNS): Develop a good overview knowledge of the images, text and captions surrounding Figs. 1-5, 9-11 in ch. 49. Be able to write a one paragraph essay (100-200 words) that explains what the PNS is and does, its major subdivisions, it's anatomical whereabouts, its modes of action, etc. We did not cover this in class. Central Nervous System (CNS): be Be able to list several salient facts about each of the major subdivisions of the CNS, and draw or identify them on a picture (e.g. be able to label Box 1-1, and in ch. 17 Figs. 2-5, 12, 13, and Fig. 19-1). As for the structure of neural tissue, understand and be able to define and draw or give examples of what is meant by topography, convergence/divergence, symmetry, lamination, columnar organization, contralaterality, and reciprocal connectivity. Muscle Force Be able to draw stretch reflex circuit with reasonable anatomical detail in and around the spinal cord and in and around the muscle. Be able to identify/explain muscle unit, motor unit, motor neuron, motor nucleus. Know how force is graded, with reference to 3 types of motor units (see Figs. 34-8,9), recruitment and size principle, and rate codes. Spinal Cord and Descending Motor Pathways Be able to draw a nice labelled picture of spinal cord cross section including all main locational/anatomical descriptors (grey vs. white, dorsal/ventral horn, etc.), DRG, axonal columns, proximal/distal axis in grey matter, etc. Understand spinal-reflex-related figure contents in ch. Figs. 36-1 through 36-7. For locomotion, focus on ch. 37, Figs. 2, 4, 10, and 11. Understand the basic plan of the descending motor pathways, including figs. 33- 12, 14, and 15, and know what kinds of movements are represented in each path. Voluntary Movement
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Homework_review_systems - BME 402 Gross Anatomy Material...

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