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Zach Mastromatto SRA 211 Midterm Paper Answering Critical SNA Questions Social networking analysis is a tool that is manipulated and construed to fit terrorist and criminal profiles. It is a valuable and essential resource to any mission planning and in preventing future attacks. Its foundation, however, is in many other sources and research methods. To begin, network theory and analytical methods inform SNA by providing the essential information about the individuals while painting a big picture for the commander to disseminate and evaluate. Analytical methods are the first tools that inform SNA. Some examples of utilizing analytical methods are as follows. Using the Perspective Analysis, the analyst will have information about the terrorist/criminal that is on the surface. He will have his education, values, family, profession, ethnicity, etc. Perspective analysis is a very good beginning point, as processing raw data will aide in further, more accurate intelligence of the terrorist/criminal. Knowing who the terrorist/criminal is financially backed by, what he is studying, if he is in America with a green card, who he makes phone calls to will provide further insight into what this guy is trying to do. Utilizing the Social Theories found in the PowerPoint slides, the analyst then will then understand more motives behind the terrorist/criminal, such as in the Choice Theory where the suspect makes rational choices before he commits a crime or the Deterrence Theory where the suspect understands the risks of committing the crime. The Case Study method will give historical precedence over the analysis process, providing the commander with previous
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mistakes to avoid. These all inform SNA of the individuals in a terrorist/criminal organization, while network theory will bring it all together. To continue, network theory maps and tracks all members of a targeted terrorist/criminal organization. It provides the links between members and shows the reason for the link (friend, relative, co-worker, etc.). Also, it will show hubs and
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SNA questions - Zach Mastromatto SRA 211 Midterm Paper...

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