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Physics 112 General Information Spring 2008 1st course in the 3-semester calculus-based introductory physics sequence (P112-213-214) for Engineering and Physics majors. (NOTE: Biology majors typically take P207-208 or P101-102.) Subject: Mechanics, including motion, force, conservation laws, and applications Assumes a working knowledge of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and basic calculus. Senior Staff: Dr. Erich J Mueller (Faculty-in-charge, Clark 507, 255-1568, [email protected]) Dr. Edith Cassel (Clark 105, 255-6020, [email protected], Laboratory and Exams) Dr. Julia Thom (Newman 232, 255-4093, [email protected], HW and Recitations) Dr. Lawrence Gibbons (Clark 518, 255-6414, [email protected], Grades and TA’s) All Recitation or Lab Section Changes: Online (CoursEnroll) Texts: University Physics, 12th ed., vol. 1 Physics 112 Laboratory Manual (2006-2007 edition) Other: Ruler, Protractor, basic scientific Calculator (No graphing calculators on exams.) Lectures:
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