- that have the same id as Clown target Precondition 0 ≤ i ≤ train.size public static void ejectClown(Vector train Clown target int i int k= i

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ANSWERS 1. /** Sort array b, using selection sort */ public void selectionSort( int [] b) { int k= 0; // inv: b[0. .k-1] is sorted and // b[0. .k-1] b[k. .] while (k != b.length) { Swap b[k] with smallest of b[k. .b.length-1]; k= k+1; } // b[0. .b.length-1] is sorted } 2. (a) Inmate.compare(x,y); (b) v.add( new Inmate(42)); or v.addElement( new Inmate(42)); (c) Object fred= v.get(0); The apparent type is Object. (d) int x= ((Inmate) fred).getID(); 3. // inv: lineup[0. .i-1] is in ascending order for ( int i= 1; i < lineup.length; i= i+1) { if (lineup[i-1].getID() > lineup[i].getID()) return false ; } // lineup[0. .lineup.length-1] is in ascending order return true ; 4. /** An instance is a red-nosed clown */ public class RedNosedClown extends Clown { /** Constructor: red nosed clown with id id */ public RedNosedClown( int id) { super (id); } /** = the kind of this Clown */ public String theClownyThing() { return "Well, I have a red nose"; } /** = new Clown with same kind and id as this one */ public Clown duplicateSelf() { return new RedNosedClown(getID()); } } (5a) /** Remove all Clowns from train[i.
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Unformatted text preview: .] that have the same id as Clown target. Precondition: 0 ≤ i ≤ train.size() */ public static void ejectClown (Vector train, Clown target, int i) { int k= i; // inv: no clown in train[i. .k-1] has the same id // as target while (k != train.size()) { Clown suspect= (Clown)(train.get(k)); if (Inmate.compare(suspect,target)) train.remove(k); else k= k+1; } // no clown in train[i. .train.size()-1] has the same id // as target } (5b) /** Remove duplicates from train */ public static void purgeTrain(Vector train) { int h= 0; // inv: Duplicates of train[0. .h-1] have been // removed from train while (h != train.size()) { // Remove from train[h+1. .] Clowns // with same id as train[h] ejectClown(train,(Clown)(train.get(h)), h+1); h= h+1; } // Duplicates of train[0. .train.size()-1] have been // removed from train } CS100J Prelim 3, Spring 2005 Name: ____________ Net ID: _____ Page 6...
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