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Imagine In today’s high tech, materialistic society, I feel most people don’t take enough time to develop their imagination. I never needed toys to be happy. I often wanted the latest, greatest toy, but simply moved on when I didn’t get it. While I had toys, my greatest enjoyment was my imagination. I gathered information from the television, movies, and books, creating my own stories from them. After watching Star Trek with my dad, my closet was a space ship Enterprise. The TV show, Zorro, inspired me to image the underneath of my desk was a prison where the evil alcalde would lock people up. My brother and mine’s bunk bed became a castle. My backyard, became the Secret Garden. I could imagine anything that I wanted to play, which for me was more fun than any toy could provide. Later my family moved to a new neighborhood, one that had kids to play with. My brother and me made friends with them, and I continued to put my imagination to use. After we would get bored of playing with videogames or Barbie dolls, we would start to use our
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