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Some common mistakes in previous homeworks (ENGRI 115, Fall 2007) In previous homeworks we have seen some common deficiencies in the presentation of the solution. To improve try to keep the following points in mind: Read and answer the question carefully: When you are asked to find the shortest path, don’t just return the length of the path. Or, if you are asked to find the optimal packing of items for your knapsack; don’t just compute the optimal value - also report the actual packing of items (since that is the original question). In summary, never forget to answer the question fully (and in a whole sentence). Don’t just stop after computing some numbers using some
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Unformatted text preview: algorithms. • Explain your notations/model: Many questions ask you to solve a real world problem. The first step is to build the model (graph/network, etc.). If you build this model, always explain how it relates to the original problem. What do the nodes/acrs/capacities represent in your real world application? For flow problems: Indicate what numbers indicate the flow, and which indicate capacities. • Intermediate steps in computations: In algorithmic computations, show always all intermediate steps (iterations). 1...
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