- Answers to Prelim 1 CS100J Spring 2006 David Gries djg17 4(a An instance is a President public class President extends Politician int months

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Answers to Prelim 1. CS100J, Spring 2006 David Gries djg17 1. (a) A non-static method is a component of every instance of the class. A static method does not go in each instance; there is one copy of it, in the class’s file drawer. (b) There are 4 kinds of variable: non-static variable (field) defined in a class, static variable, parameter, and local variable. The scope of non-static variable is the body of all non-static methods in the class. The scope of a static variable is the body of all methods defined in the class (static or non-static). The scope of a parameter is body of the method for which it is a parameter. The scope of a local variable begins at its declaration and ends at the end of the block in which it is declared. (c) A parameter is a variable that is declared in the header of a method. (d) false , “error”, false . 2. 3. (a) The superclass of Politician is Object. (b) toString()
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