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prelab2 - you have a good map in front of you it takes...

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ENGRI 115 Engineering Applications of OR Fall 2007 The Shortest Path Problem Prelab 2 Name: Objectives: Introduce students to the concept of a shortest path tree Show students the inner workings of a combinatorial algorithm Demonstrate the usefulness of sensitivity analysis in problem solving Show students that we use crude optimization algorithms in our everyday lives Demonstrate the concept of the triangle inequality Key Ideas: shortest path Dijkstra’s Algorithm shortest path tree triangle inequality sensitivity analysis combinatorial optimization Prelab Exercise: Please write your answer on the back of this sheet. You are the person sitting in the traffic booth right across from the entrance to the Engineering Library. Motorists arrive frequently and ask you for the shortest path between certain points on campus. Even though
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Unformatted text preview: you have a good map in front of you, it takes quite a while to compute the shortest path requests since the campus is large with many points of interest. You would like to prepare for these requests in advance. You find a big ball of string, a precise ruler, and a pair of scissors along with the book “Teach Yourself the Art of Knots” in the booth, and you suspect these might help to solve your problem. How? You can assume that all roads on campus are two-way. (Hint: Think about first building a “string model” of the road system on campus . ..) Would the same approach work if some of the roads were one-way?...
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