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Vector perpendicular to plane, v P Q P R   ; Area = (1/2) PQ PR  . Parallelepiped = () A B C Plane through P orthogonal to u , replace i , j , k , with x, y, and z, respectively. It is equal to the plane equation with a point (like P) inserted. Equation of line through P and Q P P p x x t x y y t y z z t z    (where x PQ is the coefficient of x…; also where x p is the x-coordinate of point P) Distance PS n d n  , where n is unit normal vector to plane. Projection proj      Write PS as sum of a vector perpendicular to PQ and vector parallel to PQ Projection of PS over PQ (which is v-parallel) and (PS - v-parallel) [which is v-perpendicular]. Motion of Particle in Space
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