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Cornell net id ____________________ Name ________________________________ 1 CS 100J Prelim 3 15 November 2005 This 90-minute exam has 6 questions (numbered 0. .5) worth a total of 100 points. Spend a few minutes looking at all questions before beginning so that you can see what is expected. Budget your time wisely. Use the back of the pages, if you need more space. We have a stapler at the front of the room, so you can tear the pages apart. Question 0 (2 points). Write your netid and your name, legibly, at the top of each page (Hint: do it now). Question 1 (18 points). (a) Suppose your friend wrote class MyGUI , below, but forgot to write complete specifications for the class and its methods. public class MyGUI extends JFrame { /** The constructor: JFrame with title t and various components */ public MyGUI(String t) { super (t); JPanel p= new JPanel(); p.add( new JButton("yes?")); p.add( new JLabel("fun!!!")); p.add( new JButton("no?")); Box b= new Box(BoxLayout.Y_AXIS); b.add( new JTextField("Programming")); b.add( new JLabel("is")); b.add(p); Container cp= getContentPane(); cp.add(b); pack(); setVisible(true); } } On the next page, draw an approximate representation of the GUI that is created by execution of this new-expression: new MyGUI(“wow!”) If you think a written description of the GUI will help the grader, you can include it, but it is not necessary. 0 ___________ out of 02 1 ___________ out of 18 2 ___________ out of 15 3 ___________ out of 24 4 ___________ out of 20 5 ___________ out of 21 Total ________ out of 100
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Name ________________________________ 2 (b) Below, write a second the constructor, without parameters, for class MyGUI to produce the GUI shown on the right, using just the BorderLayout manager that comes with a JFrame. Write the constructor below. We realize that you may not remember the exact syntax for telling where to place a component; as long as the sense is right, you will receive credit. /** Constructor:
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prelim3fall2005 - Cornell net id _ Name _ CS 100J Prelim 3...

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