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Title Think of one of America’s greatest businessmen. Chances are you thought of a white man in his fifties. Where are all of America’s great black businessmen? They’re not in Forbes’ top 400 wealthiest men, that’s for sure. It’s been shown time and time again that black people do not get the same type of education as the rest of the population (Acevedo-Garcia 24). It is not feasible to allow this to go on without pressuring whoever is responsible to rectify the situation. I personally believe the school districts and the government branches in charge of education are to blame since they are considered major players in the current situation. The school districts must focus on providing a proper education to all the schools in their respective areas instead of picking what schools they think deserve a higher budget arbitrarily while the government branches are responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly. In a 1997 article in the LA Times, Professor Troutt proclaims that the resolution of the Oakland school district’s Ebonics program will only further put the black people at a disadvantage (Troutt A1). He states that the resolution does not think of the slang that is used by inner city black children as English but rather a separate language that is derived from the languages spoken in Niger and Congo. Since it is obvious that people who speak the same way think of each other as members of a certain group,
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Think_of_one_of_America - Title Think of one of America's...

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