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Syllabus - PSY 101-001 Spring 2008 DREXEL UNIVERSITY PSY...

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PSY 101-001 Spring 2008 DREXEL UNIVERSITY PSY 101-001: General Psychology Spring 2008 Instructor: Amanda Dovidio Zelechoski, M.S., J.D. [email protected] Teaching Assistants: Jennifer Serico, B.A. ( [email protected] ) Melinda Wolbransky, M.S. ( [email protected] ) Class Time : Location: Nesbitt Rm. 111 Office Hours : Course Description This course serves as an introduction to the study of human behavior, exploring both the social and biological foundation. It will look at the scientific basis of psychology, discussing the research and theory in the major subfields, including neuroscience, human development, abnormal behavior, learning and memory, and social psychology. Course Objectives o To be able to identify and explain common scientific methods used in the study of behavior and mental processes. o To be able to explain, compare, and contrast the basic concepts and theories underlying selected sub- disciplines in psychology. o To improve one’s conceptualization of psychology as the study of human behavior adhering to a scientifically-driven biological, psychological, and social perspective. o To be able to apply psychological concepts and research to practical, real-life situations. Required Text : Psychology, Eighth Edition in Modules (2007) , by David G. Myers (Worth Publishers) Grading System The course grading system is as follows: A+ = 97-100 B+ = 87-89 C+ = 77-79 D+ = 67-69 F = <63 A = 93-96 B = 83-86 C = 73-76 D = 63-66 A- = 90-92 B- = 80-82 C- = 70-72 Grading Evaluation Exams (x2) 50% (25% each) Group Quizzes (x2) 30% (15% each) Applied Learning Assignment 20% Total Possible 100% Exams There will be two exams required of all students: 1) a midterm exam and 2) a non-cumulative final exam. Each exam will consist of multiple choice questions to be completed in class by each student. An optional cumulative final exam will be given during finals week (also worth 300 points). The final exam will cover all material covered in the course. If you choose to take the final, the final exam grade will replace your lowest exam grade so that your ‘exams’ grade will be based on your two highest exam scores. If your 1
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final exam grade is lower than your previous two exam grades, you will not be penalized. The two highest exam scores will be used for your final ‘exams’ grade. Group Quizzes There will be two quizzes given that will consist of short answer/essay questions to be completed by each group, due at the beginning of class on the day specified. These quizzes will cover the assigned material up to and including the day the quiz questions are posted. The process for the Group Quizzes is as follows:
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Syllabus - PSY 101-001 Spring 2008 DREXEL UNIVERSITY PSY...

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