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essay_1 - Writing a Letter Dear campus community I would...

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Writing a Letter
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Dear campus community, I would like to share with you today a chapter of my past which isn’t pleasant. It is about a person’s ignorance towards my culture. In sophomore year, high school, the month of Ramadan clashed with the soccer season. Since I was in South Africa, not many people were familiar with the hardships of having to fast from dawn until dusk. The fasting is a constant reminder as we are supposed to feel how people who cannot afford food suffer and makes us appreciate our lives. The fact that most people do not fast means that they do not fully grasp how hard it is and may not be completely aware of the difficulty. If people try to put themselves in other people’s position in order to better understand the situation, this whole ordeal would not have happened. My solution would be to try to make people more sensitive and caring and understand that people lead different lives.
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