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Essay 2 Final - Draft 2 On June 25th 2003 Joshua and...

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Draft 2 On June 25th, 2003, Joshua and William Buckner (aged 14 and 16, respectively) shot at vehicles in Tennessee and killed a 45 year old woman (Calvert). During interrogation, the two boys claimed that they have been inspired by Grand Theft Auto III , a video game where the lead character is a criminal and kills people frequently. This has led to many politicians lambasting video games for the violence they contain and the emotional insensitivity they cause in children and young teens ( To state something so foolish and not even look at the facts only tells us these people are in it for public exposure. Violence in video games is nothing more than a tool used to enhance the gaming experience and banning it as a whole would be the equivalent of asking Hollywood to stop making action movies. Banning this 18 billion dollar industry – which happens to be one of America’s only growing ones at this time – would not only allow politicians to believe that they can have what they wish (Wired). It will also destroy the industry leaving 250,000 people out of work (Wired). We should allow the video game industry to grow and mature on its own terms as trying to stop it would not only cause major economical damage, it could very well be considered an infringement on our right to have the freedom of expression. While it is acknowledged by everyone that video games do contain a lot of violence, it shocks me to see that people are blaming Grand Theft Auto III for the incident when it clearly states that it is for people aged 18 and above. Even if we put that fact aside, an average human would still wonder why the video game is being blamed when these children should not have had access to a rifle in the first place. Terrible
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parenting is the problem in the above situation, not pixelated death scenes. Going after a
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Essay 2 Final - Draft 2 On June 25th 2003 Joshua and...

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