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PAPER #1 on PLATO’S REPUBLIC Due Friday, April 25, 2008 in class Electronic submissions of rough drafts or final papers will NOT be accepted, unless you have received permission from me in advance for an acceptable reason. Late papers will receive late penalties. LENGTH OF PAPER : Type double-spaced an approximately 3 page paper on one of the following 3 options. If your paper is less than 2 typewritten double-spaced pages, I will NOT accept it. It may be longer than 3 pages, but it should NOT exceed 5 pages. WHAT TO INCLUDE IN THE PAPER : Detailed, but flexible, guidelines are listed under each option. These guidelines should not be answered in separate paragraphs, as if the paper were a series of separate essays. Rather, select an option, and then, use some (not all) of the questions listed below the option as flexible guidelines to a) formulate a thesis (which should be in your introductory paragraph); b) organize the body of your paper into a coherent essay which both analyzes some of the arguments and/or stories in the text and puts forth your own argument for your own position; and c) includes a conclusion. You are permitted to use “I” in a philosophy paper in order to clarify when you are presenting your own argument or position rather than the argument or position of a character in Plato’s dialogue or a philosopher or author such as Hannah Arendt or Shermer. Please refer to the separate characters in the dialogue, rather than Plato, when you discuss their arguments, except in any citations as explained below. Remember that Plato does not necessarily agree with his characters. Do not tell me how great or important Plato or philosophy is – this is fluff or puff, which may or may not be true and is not relevant to the themes and options you are supposed to be discussing. Do not simply state that something is “obvious”. Provide support for your position and claims. MARGINS: Your margins – left and right, bottom and top – should not be more than 1 inch; you should only list your name and section number on the first page; and your name and page # on subsequent pages. Use #10, 11 or 12 size pitch. Please staple your pages together. Keep a copy of your paper either on disk or in photocopy form. This is for your own protection, just in case I have no record of receiving it or I misplace it. I will not accept the excuse that you no longer have a copy of the paper. You are NOT expected to use secondary sources for this paper , but, if you do use any secondary sources, you are required to include them in a bibliography, and to footnote or cite any material whatsoever you borrow from them, even if it is not a direct quote. (Ideas or interpretations borrowed from someone else are not your own, and must be footnoted.) Failure to cite constitutes plagiarism, for which you will be penalized, usually with a failure or zero on your paper. HOW TO CITE:
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Republic_Paper__1_Spring2008 - PAPER #1 on PLATO'S REPUBLIC...

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