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Development Through Life Span Video games have always been under appreciated when it came to science. Most people think the current generation video games are nothing more than glorified versions of Pong and Pac Man with a bit of violence thrown in to attract more people. There are however, games that were made with a purpose in mind. From America’s Army that was developed by the military in order to train soldiers to The Sims that was designed to simulate real life as close as possible. One of the major improvements from the first to the second version of the game is how the engine allows the simians (the artificial people in the game) to develop throughout their lives. The Sims could possibly be the closest we ever get to digitize a human life. The simians have been clearly thought of as real humans during the development of the game. What made this apparent was that it is possible to apply every psychological study on the game and still yield results similar to those of a human. We could see how nature affects someone as opposed to nurturing, how certain aspects of someone’s personality comes from his genetics (child sim shares some of father sim’s traits), how thinking and intelligence are affected by a sim’s surroundings and even how children learn skills faster than adults. The skill learning mechanism changes during the sim’s life stages. A all skills start at zero with the sim. Some – such as communication – develop automatically as the sim interacts with other sims while skills like carpentry must be learnt. The learning process is where the development is apparent. To move from beginner carpenter to a novice a sim must gain 10 skill points and for each skill point the sim must do a certain amount of learning. The learning in the game is made up of reading; a certain amount of time must be dedicated to reading for the sim to
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gain the skill points that will advance him through the levels.
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Applied_Learning - Development Through Life Span Video...

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