precis7 - Culture through Music John Storey In "Music"...

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Culture through Music John Storey In “Music” explains how we encounter music everywhere. He details the economies, the appeal, and the meaning of Pop Music. First, Storey references Adorno’s claims about popular music. First, standardization occurs, which is where you can substitute details of popular songs. Secondly, passive music promotes passive listening and involves distraction and inattention. Finally, popular music operates as “social cement”. He then talks about how political economy involves little more than accessing texts. It is “insufficient to locate texts within economic determinations until you’ve analyzed questions of audience use” (113). He brings up the argument stating the music industry determines the use value of its products and is the private property of business organizations. He argues that people use folk music as a genuine way of expressing themselves and find no use for rock and pop. Although the music industry has huge amounts of economic and cultural power, they can’t control the use/cultural value or the musical tastes of consumers. Music has different use-values for the individuals who use and purchase them then they have for the capitalists who produce them. The power of culture industries and the power of their influence are very different. Commodities are valued for their symbolic significance and concerned with pleasure; the
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precis7 - Culture through Music John Storey In "Music"...

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