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Unformatted text preview: ad (Mi- Section II — Math Problems Name Instructions: Turn this page in with your answer sheet. To receive partial credit, he sure to SHOW YOUR WORK in the space provided, and continue on the back of the page if necessary. Choose the answer closest to your calculated value. 26. Mars orbits the Sun once in 1.88 years. The average distance of Mars from the Sun is 2.28 x 10” In. Assume a circular orbit and determine the velocity in m/s. d.'.«<t-12x105 m/s t- same"; 27. Use Kepler’s 3rd Law to determine the average distance of Neptune from the Sun in AU. Neptune’s orbital period is 162.8 years. a. 2080 AU '1 .. '5 120 AU l0 1:1 0. 30 AU 2i :1: titties WM 365154 Mir 3“” 75956/075 ©24, 000 m/s is!- (d [hr ’ .— 33319- 5; W02 Tilt“) m] ‘Egégs 41$ (1. 0.5AU a_ P26 =(Ié28f’l332 [:7 8A%\ 28. Mars will soon be very close to the Earth, 8 x 1010 m. If the linear diameter of Mars is 6.8 x 10° m, use the small angle formula to determine its angular size. a. 130-" A0 L- D 63s lof‘m n 9 2,7400” 2““- L“ D b g 3 (a m d. 8.5 10'5" n x wins i 29. Light from a distance source have an absorption line of ionized Ca at 410 nm. In the lab this line occurs at 393 nm. From the Doppler shift formula, determine the recessional velocity of this source. a 1 a. 380 m/s 1:. 2.5x105m/s yf ; 4—— Ufa-‘95- C c. 6.9 x 103 m/s Cr 2 30. The magnification of a telescope is 280 times, when we use an eyepiece with I , 3 X l 0 lg focal length of 0. 007 to. Determine the focal length of the objective. 0: 2.5x10'3m Mr:- F :; Mi: d. 24.2m (-2 ° '7: 2313 (O. 001 in“ m1wwww. ...... l ...
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