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Section II - Math Problems n""," KCY tx+m ff Z Instructionsi To rcceive partial credit, be sure to SHOW YOUR WORK in the space provid,ed, dnd continue on the back of the page if necessary. CIRCLE the answer closest to your calculated value. TURN IN THIS SHEET. 31. Use Kepler's 3'' Law to delermine the average distance ofVenus ftom the Sun where is orbital period is 225 days. - -1. I I | . . ^ a= p?'_ (,y'= 32. lf 3.2 kg of mass is converted into energy, what is the total energy released in ''T1:#:ffi1ilT)' E=rn"' b. s.e-x.1.ojMr =(]arta)ftrrotq" a.llx{0'?J c. 24.6 MT 2 ri8rtotrtr/ t rnr *----44"16'5 = c. 4.2 AU d. 37 AU D-_ . .3 I -er" 0,ral c.r d, 72MT amr 33. lf a tectonic plate is has been moving for 168 Myr lMega-106) and has covcred 2450 km. whal
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Unformatted text preview: is its velocity in cnvyr? (Note 1 km = l0'cm) C.6. ., L46 cm/yr ) ._ , t t b. t-46 x t0-: cm/vr c4 - I \-l6'i r lo( vrr-34. Determine the angular diameter of Uranus when it is at a distance of20 AU c. 6.8 cm/yr d d. 3,7x l0'' cm/yr \/ : -:-' - t (3 x 10" krn). Its linear diameter is 51,118 km. a. 0.28" ^n r A ;, i;: AU = :! A-t) = c. 18.2" LU\",U'" t) d . 0 . 0 7 1 -D = v t 5 * : :- Q4*u^/ to"'.- / t/l,^ 35. The Apollo missions left reflectors on the Moon so we could bounce lasers offof them. lf the Moon is 384,000 km away, how long does it take the laser beam to return to Earth? a. 1.28 s b. 0.64 s @ 2.s6 s d. 5.12 s , D 5 t, ttt'lc,', (aoe,a6s,.) ]vro'tle"'^ ?(zYa,oaou"^\ TxLax nts v($s w5 1.46 .Vua 3 t r0sk^/5...
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