Rhetoric - This is because fear is of something in the...

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Rhetoric (Aristotle) 15:37 Aristotle covers: 1 st - Different states of mind in which the emotion is felt 2 nd - People towards whom the emotion is felt 3 rd - The ground on which the emotion is felt A very rational explanation of emotions Rhetoric is concerned with the modes of persuasion It is a tool that can be used by good men or bad men technai (pl) techne (sg) Sillegism (sp?) 1) Major premise o 2) Minor premise deduction eg: 1) All pigs can fly o 2) This is a pig This pig can fly Book II Orator must consider portrayal of emotion Emotional disposition of audience is important Character can be used to prove action *Emotions are psychological feelings of pain or pleasure that affect judgement
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Fear Fear is a  painful  feeling, and it is due to a mental picture (phantasia, imagined  thing) in the future According to Aristotle, you don’t fear something as it is happening to you
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Unformatted text preview: This is because fear is of something in the future We dont fear everything, but things that can happen, in near future The less control we have, the more fearful something becomes to us Pity- A feeling of pain caused by the sight of some evil, destructive or painful, which befalls one who does not deserve it, and which we might expect to befall ourselves or some friend of ours, and moreover to befall us soon A misfortune that you believe you could suffer In order to feel pity, we must be able to feel the goodness in people. Must be someone who is not too close to you; b/c if they are close, you suffer What we fear for ourselves insights pity when it happens to others Spoudaios- elevated, serious, good (not simply aristocratic)...
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Rhetoric - This is because fear is of something in the...

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