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standard form - -Supreme court ruled in 1973 that to...

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-technically jobs are increasing more rapidly than other jobs -people in the tech. field don’t need college --american h.s’s need to collaborate with industry… -school vouchers would undermine public schools, permit discrimination, and transfer taxpayer money to those who need it least, private school parents --voters should not pass such legislation -cement makes the building appear cold and gray both inside and out -many of the rooms lack windows -chairs are cheap/uncomfortable -poor lighting makes studying difficult -- student union building is ugly and uncomfortable -Many bio/gyne argue that life does not begin at contraception
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Unformatted text preview: -Supreme court ruled in 1973 that to restrict a woman’s right violates her right to privacy--abortion should remain a woman’s choice-an innocent person might be executed-no practice that might kill innocent people is justified--capital punishment is not justified-Killers are beyond rehab-More uniform implementation of the death penalty may serve as a deterrent-victims’ families are entitled to apporpritae vengeance-costs of maintaining a prisoner are too much-no state guarantees that life imprisonment means no parole--society should have the right to execute...
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