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Physics 1A Midterm 2 Review Sheet – Work, Energy, and Momentum 1 A) Work Is a scalar defined by ܹൌܨ݀cosߠ . For a straight line with a varying force… ܹൌ ׬ ܨ ݀ݔ Power is the time derivative of work ܲൌ ௗ௧ ܹ Work done by conservative forces is path independent, work done by non conservative forces is path dependent Total work acting on a body is the scalar sum of the work done by the individual forces. It is related to energy via the Work Energy Theorem: ܹൌ∆ܭ B) Energy Types of energy: kinetic, gravitational potential, spring potential, … Energy is a scalar! You can add them algebraically. Energy conservation equation is ∆ܧ ൌ ܹ ௡௖ In the case where there is no non conservative work, then ∆ܧ ൌ 0 Energy is a state function, meaning that we don’t care what happens between point A to point B, but we do care about points A and B. o
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midterm-2-review-sheet-work_-energy_-momentum - A Work...

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