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Unformatted text preview: Problems set 2 Newtonian Dynamics A space station is comprised of two circular tubes and is set to rotate to simulate gravity. Astronauts can walk along the outer rims of the circular tubes. If the station is set to rotate at a constant speed , what is the apparent weight of a person (mass )on the outer and inner loops, given that radius of the outer loop is , and the radius of the inner loop is ? Solution: , , A stunt motorcyclist wants to race around the inside of a vertical cylindrical tube of radius . The coefficient of friction between the inner wall of the cylinder and the tires of the motorcycle is . At what speed must he travel so that he will not fall? Solution: 0 (Problem 5.87) In terms of , , and , find the accelerations of each block in the system. There is no friction anywhere in the system. Block 1 moves twice the distance as block 2. 2 ; 2 2 2 2 2 ; ; Problems set 2 Newtonian Dynamics N1 ; ; ; m2g 4 2 2 ; 4 ; ; 4 0 ; T2 T2 ; 2 ; m1g T1 T1 m2 0; m1 T1 Solution: In the diagram below, what are the tensions in the two strings before the horizontal string is cut? If the mass starts to swing, what is the tension in the remaining string at the lowest point, given that its speed at that point is ? cos 0 sin 0 sin Solution: ; tan ; cos ; tan ; Problems set 2 Newtonian Dynamics A vehicle of mass is about to travel over a circular hill of radius with a constant speed . If the coefficient of friction between the vehicle and the ground is , find an expression for the friction force as a function of . cos Solution: cos cos cos ...
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