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Mohammed Usman Rana @24532 ARA-101 The importantance of Ibn al-Muqaffa‘ and al-Jahiz in the development of the notion of adab Abu Uthman 'Amr b. Bahr al-Fuqaymi al-Basri also known as al-Jahiz was a famous Arab text writer, and the author of works of adab, Mu'tazili theology and politico- religious polemics. He was born at Basra about 160/776 in an unintelligible family of mawali from the Banu Kinana and probably of Abyssinian origin (, 1999). On the other hand, Abdullah Ibn Dhadawayh also known as Ibn al-Muqaffa and Rouzbeh pour-e Dādvayh in Persian, was an 8th century Persian author and translator. He was a pioneer in the introduction of literary text narrative to Arabic literature and, he also was also an accomplished scholar of Middle Persian, and was the author of several moral allegories. Later on he was murdered around 756 on the orders of the Abbasid Caliph Al-Mansur for introducing Zoroastrian ideas into Islam (, 2007). The word al adab generally means politeness, courtesy, good manners, good breeding and respect; furthermore, its meaning in sufism are modes of conduct, regulation of the dervishes towards their shaykh, each other and other people in general (, 2000) .Al jahiz’s contribution to al adab were in significant number and, over a span of twenty-five years he gained great knowledge
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This note was uploaded on 06/02/2008 for the course ARA 101,102 taught by Professor Molouk,gavenpocken during the Spring '08 term at American University of Sharjah.

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Arabic essay - 1 Mohammed Usman Rana @24532 ARA-101 The...

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