Jarir EI [1] - arr b. A iyya b. al- a ayfa) b. Badr Was...

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J ̲ arīr b. A ʿ ṭ iyya b. al- h ̲ a afa (Hud ̲ h ̲ ayfa) b. Badr Was among the most important hid ̲ j ̲ ā ʾ -writers of the Umayyad period (the other two were his rivals al-Ak ̲ h ̲ al and al-Farazda [ qq.v. ], and may be considered one of the greatest Islamic- Arabic poets of all time. He belonged to the clan of the Banū Kulayb b. Yarbū ʿ an, a branch of the Mu arī Tamīm who were widespread in the eastern part of central and northern Arabia. He was born in the middle of the 1st/7th century and began by entering into verbal disputes with second class writers in his own district, ostensibly because he himself had been attacked but in fact because of his naturally argumentative disposition. In 64/683-4 or shortly afterwards he began his famous forty-year-long dispute with al-Farazda , who was a foe worthy of his steel. It was caused indirectly by a long quarrel between the Banū h ̲ uhayl, a branch of the Banū Yarbū ʿ , and the Mud ̲ j ̲ as ̲ h ̲ i , also Tamīmī and the tribe to which ʿ al-Farazda belonged, over the theft of a camel . After they had abused each other from a distance for some time, j ̲ arīr went to Irā ʿ and met al- Farazda for the first time in Ba ra. There were such scenes that the authorities had to put a stop to the meetings—although without any lasting success.
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Jarir EI [1] - arr b. A iyya b. al- a ayfa) b. Badr Was...

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