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Statics HW _1 Spring 2008 - 5 Two particles have a mass of...

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American University of Sharjah Statics College of Engineering MCE 220 Mechanical Engineering Department Assignment # 1 Spring 2008 Due Date: Sunday, February 3 rd , 2008. • Solve the following problems 1. Round off the following numbers to three significant figures: (a) 4.65735 m, (b) 55.578 s (c) 4555 N (d) 2768 kg. 2. Represent each of the following quantities in the correct SI form using an appropriate prefix: (a) 45 320 kN (b) 568 (10 5 ) mm (c) 0.005 63 mg. 3. Convert each of the following to three significant figures: (a) 20 lb.ft to N.m. (b) 450 lb/ft 3 to kN/m 3 (c) 15 ft/h to mm/s. 4. A rocket has a mass of 250 (10 3 ) slugs on earth. Specify (a) its mass in SI units, and (b) its weight in SI units. If the rocket is on the moon, where the acceleration due to gravity is g = 5.30 ft/s 2 , determine to three significant figures (c) its weight in SI units, and (d) its mass in SI units.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Two particles have a mass of 8 kg and 12 kg, respectively. If they are 800 mm apart, determine the force of gravity acting between them. Compare this result with the weight of each particle. 6. Identify the various branches of mechanics? 7. What are the differences between statics and dynamics? 8. Balloons are often fills with helium gas because it weighs only about one-seventh of what air weighs under identical conditions. The buoyancy force which can be expressed as F b = ρ air gV air , will push the balloon upward. If the balloon has a diameter of 10 m and carries two people, 70 kg each, determine the acceleration of the balloon when it is first released. Assume the density of air ρ = 1.16 kg/m 3 , and neglecting the weight of ropes and the cage. _________________________________________________________________________...
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