Tensile Test Exp. - Refer to lab handout Results and...

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MCE 230 – L  Materials Science Tensile Test Gagan Gururaj ID: 8526 Group 2 Date of Experiment: 28/9/03
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Abstract: Two samples of aluminum and a sample of steel were used in the Tensile Test Experiment. The mechanical properties of these three materials were tested under tensile load and then compared to each other. The fracture point of one sample of aluminum occurred under a stress of 64.8 MPa and the other sample at 66.0 MPa. The fracture point of steel occurred at a stress of 182 MPa. Introduction: The tensile test was used to compare the mechanical properties of two samples of aluminum and one sample of steel. As different loads were used on each material, the extension was recorded for each increment on the load. The engineering stress, engineering strain, true stress and true strain were then calculated and the data was plotted on a graph. Theoretical Background: Refer to lab handout. Experiment’s Apparatus: Refer to lab handout. Experiment’s Procedure:
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Unformatted text preview: Refer to lab handout. Results and Calculations: Young’s modulus: E = σ ε E : Young’s modulus σ : Stress ε : Strain σ t = σ(1+ε) ε t = ln(1+ε) σ t : True stress ε t : True strain The modulus can be found by calculating the slopes of the graphs. The modulus for each of the samples are: Aluminum 1: 147.8191-61.96969 = 26.673 MPa 0.00474603-0.00152746 Aluminum 2: 157.7952531-49.9389 = 19.93 MPa 0.00664478-0.001237 Steel: 183.9418-64.436 = 55.434 MPa 0.0029894-0.0008336 Discussion and Conclusion: The Young’s modulus for one of the samples of aluminum is 26.673 Mpa and 19.93 Mpa for the other sample. The Young’s modulus for steel was found to be 55.434 Mpa. The fracture points of the two samples of aluminum were at stresses of 64.83MPa and 66.60 Mpa respectively and the fracture point for the steel sample occurred under a stress of 182.05Mpa.The conclusion is that aluminum is more ductile than steel....
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Tensile Test Exp. - Refer to lab handout Results and...

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