MEM255Su06-07_Final_studs - MEM 255 Introduction to...

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Unformatted text preview: MEM 255: Introduction to Controls Final Project (Summer 06-07) (Relevance to Program Outcomes a-k : a,b,c,d,e,g,k) Due Noon Tuesday 09/04/07 (late and inappropriate submissions will be penalized) Write legibly and provide clear answers. Scenario A Nation with its desire to conquer space is interested in studying a means of transportation of astronauts during their EVAs. It proposes to use a thruster for linear translation, and a torquer to maintain an erect posture, both mounted on a backpack. You have been asked to evaluate the feasibility of such a concept. As a preliminary investigation you have been provided with a mathematical model of the astronaut- backpack system, schematics, and relevant numerical values. System Description The equations of motion for an astronaut in deep space (no gravity effects) are = Γ + = + + ψ θ q f BT Kq q D q M c ; with the following assumptions made: A1. The body/backpack system is idealized as two rigid bodies connected by a line hinge at the hip joint. The hinge has spring restraint k and viscous damping c ....
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This note was uploaded on 06/03/2008 for the course MEM 255 taught by Professor Yousuff during the Spring '08 term at Drexel.

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MEM255Su06-07_Final_studs - MEM 255 Introduction to...

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