Essay - to the last detail, and I know the hard background...

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Essay: Program Board Campus activities are important to Shepherd University since they provide a positive way to have fun “Shepherd style”. Campus activities are so important because it gives students a way to meet other students by opening up through the creativity of crafts, indoor sports, and karaoke versus the use of alcohol. I have been wanting to express myself on campus and get involved with campus activities since Shepherd University is where I put my heart, program board caught my eye since I find campus fellowship important and would love to be part of making a difference on campus, and not just another number passing through. I think I am well qualified for this position being that I grew up in the event planning business, since my mom owns A La Carte Catering. I started as a dishwasher, then to a chef assistant (aka bread cutter), and by the time I turned eighteen I was; answering phones, managing QuickBooks, and filling out those tedious equipment checkout forms. I know what it takes to plan an event down
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Unformatted text preview: to the last detail, and I know the hard background work it takes to “make it happen”. Even with my current knowledge, I still have my mom to bounce ideas from and have plenty of resources to utilize for Shepherd. On top of my resources and event knowledge, I am also certified in “disc” leadership training, which many corporations used today to improve its management. The most important factor in choosing me, however, is my personality; I have the creativity to put something crazy on the table, yet the persistence to see it through. I also rarely take “no” for an answer and because of my stubbornness I further developed my problem-solving skills, to the point where I believe anything can be accomplished. I am also a good motivator and I am able to open most people’s “box” they put themselves in. I am not currently signed up for any other campus activities, and I hope to start my campus involvement with program board....
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This note was uploaded on 06/03/2008 for the course SOCIOLOGY 210 taught by Professor Moore during the Spring '08 term at Shepherd.

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Essay - to the last detail, and I know the hard background...

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