chem5 - Chemistry 1315 Name DO NOT TURN THIS PAGE UNTIL...

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DO NOT TURN THIS PAGE UNTIL DIRECTED TO DO SO Chemistry 1315 EXAM 1 FALL 2004 Name: Lab Instructor: ID Number: 1. These tests are machine graded; therefore, be sure to use a No. 1 or 2 pencil for marking the answer sheets. Completely blacken the answer circle. If you change an answer, erase completely the previous mark. 2. Write the letter code of your lab instructor (see table at bottom of this page) in the first box of the section marked "NAME". Then in the next box (do not skip a box), write your last name. Skip a space and then fill in your first name and middle initial. Example: If Joe B. Doe has Mamar Baizid, Section 14 for a lab instructor, then his answer sheet would look like: EXAMPLE: 1st Box T.A. code (see below) NAME (Last,First, M.I.) A D O E J O E B O B If your whole name does not fit, put as much as will fit. Then blacken the corresponding letters below each space on the answer sheet. 3. Fill in your ID number in the space provided, beginning with space "A". (There will be an extra box.) Then blacken the circles corresponding to the numbers below each space. 4. In the "special code" section, indicate in column K the test form you have: Mark in Column K Test Color Answer Sheet Color Swipe 1 Blue Blue 2 Gold Black 3 Pink Red 4 Tan Brown Make sure that you mark your test color in column K, and that the colored mark above your name on the answer sheet is the same as your test color. 5. In the "Special Codes" section, indicate your lecture instructor in column P. Please fill in the appropriate circle. Instructor Section Time Day West 001 11:30-12:20 MWF Franks 002 1:30-2:20 MWF Abraham 003 10:30-11:45 TR Fogel 004 2:30-3:20 MWF Houser 005 8:30-9:20 MWF Thus, if Joe Doe's lecturer is West, Sec. 001, and his test is GOLD, his "Special Codes" section would look like: SPECIAL CODES K 2 1 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 0 L M N O P 6. The time limit on this test is 90 MINUTES . 7. READ THE TEST CAREFULLY. 8. Do not turn this page until directed to do so. 9. Use this booklet for scratch paper. 10. Mark your answers in this booklet, as well as on the answer sheet, so that you can check your score with the key after the test. 11. Each Unit Score will be calculated from the number of correct answers. There is no penalty for guessing. 12. Students will be held responsible for any corrections made during the test. 13. Students who arrive more than ten minutes late, or arrive after another student has left, will not be allowed to take the examination. Instructor
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chem5 - Chemistry 1315 Name DO NOT TURN THIS PAGE UNTIL...

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