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Class number Homework #3: Mitochondria and the cytoskeleton Every student has now been assigned a class number, please make sure to use the class number instead of your student ID. If you do not know it, please consult the class number list posted on the class webpage. 1. Please complete the concept map. 2. You have identified a new compound that causes cells to grow very poorly. Because ATP is not synthesized, your professor suspects that there may be problems with the function of mitochondria. Your investigations indicate that the respiratory chain and ATP-Synthase work normal. A) Give one example of a protein that requires ATP for its function or organization. muscle contraction (required ATP-dependent movement of myosin on actin) generation of an action potential (ATP is required to establish ion balance in the cell via the Na+/K+ pump). Actin polymerization Movement of dynein/kinesin on MTs and of myosin on actin B) How do you explain the effect of the compound? The compound uncouples the respiratory chain from ATP synthesis by making the inner mito
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Homework+3+KEYcorr - Class number Homework#3 Mitochondria...

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