#3(Riots.Wilder#1.o - Lecture#3 World War Two and the Difficulties of Commitment 1 Cracks in the coalition(I desegregation and its enemies •

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture #3: World War Two and the Difficulties of Commitment 1. Cracks in the coalition (I): desegregation and its enemies • Fighting in a segregated military: "Just carve on my tombstone, 'Here lies a black man killed fighting a yellow man for the protection of a white man.'" • The pantomime of Malcolm Little (later Malcolm X): "I want to get sent down South...and kill up crackers!" • A. Philip Randolph and the chess game to desegregate the defense industries (FDR's Executive Order 8802) • White backlash: hate strikes and the urban race riots of 1943, fueled by desegregation in housing and in the workplace • 242 racial battles in 47 cities; 34 killed (9 whites, 25 blacks) in Detroit; 500 injured and 6 killed in Harlem II. Cracks in the coalition (II): Mexican-Americans and the zoot suit riots • Describing the riot (June 1943): war in the streets, war in the press (The Los Angeles Daily News : zoot suiters as "the type of exuberant youth that Hitler found useful.") • The geographical backdrop to the riot: the Chavez Ravine Armory, built in 1940 as part of the city's project of...
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