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Unformatted text preview: AS 10 Lecture #1: America Before World War II I. Setting the scene: America in the early '40s • A world without the infrastructure of daily life we now take for granted (supermarkets, A/C, hi-tech, highway system, etc.); an industrializing America where Smallville is still the central residential location • A moment before the end of the Great Depression, WWII, and the boom years of the '50s II. The New Deal coalition around Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1932-1941) • The New Deal ideology of civic nationalism : "we the people" vs. "economic royalists" • A form of nationalism that affirms economic security and opportunity as central principles of American life, and welcomes all Americans into the framework of the nation • Defining the New Deal coalition: a combination of grassroots action and top-down management • The "new unionism" of the CIO (Congress of Industrial Organizations): the cause of "industrial democracy" joined to anti-racist and anti-fascist organizing; union membership spikes from 8% (1929) to 45% (1945)...
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