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Lecture #2: The Home Front I.The puzzle of wartime unity: the sudden approach of the "Good War" • Isolationism before the war: resistance to Big Gov't; suspicion of war as diversion from domestic problems; the sense of US as an 'exceptional' country that doesn't need to involve itself in Europe's intractable feuds • FDR's battles with an isolationist Congress (1935-1941): 'cash-and-carry' and Lend Lease vs. Neutrality Acts II. War aims: "That's Why We're Marching" • From the Oval Office: FDR's "Four Freedoms" (1941): freedom of speech; freedom of religion; freedom from want; freedom from fear • Norman Rockwell's illustrations: Smallville revisited — an idealized America, or a white-washed America? • From right of FDR: Henry Luce's "The American Century" (1941) and the new "globalism" (coined in 1943) • US entry into WWII justified not as human rights issue (FDR), but as cure to American psychological ills, as fulfillment of American destiny, as tribute to the power of free enterprise, as strike against 'collectivism'
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