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BIOA 201 Tutorial Due 6.10.2008 (20% of final grade) The tutorial assignment is a quarter-long assignment to facilitate review of material and exam preparation. Students will create 3 study aids for each of the 4 tutorials (12 total). The purpose of the assignment is to foster critical thinking about topics by creating learning activities. Choosing a tutorial topic that you are having difficulty with will help you understand it more fully for the exam. You will need a notebook or binder with paper for creating your tutorials. If you prefer to use another format please consult with me. You will be given lab time to work on tutorials, so bring your materials to your lab section. You may collaborate with another student or work alone to prepare tutorials, but each student is responsible for turning in individual tutorials. Tutorials may include writing, drawing, word association, or any other creative activity that aids learning. Neatness, but not artistic ability, counts. You will not be graded based on the quality of
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