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Rhymes - Chair man Wrench Air van French sexStair Were...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Lock Drop hot shot mob Hustlin in the street niggaz show me some respect Present desert carrotI expect to collect the object of suspect Wheel real steal kill meal neal Plus them hoes hustling for me I got a pimp lable Label cabel table able disable Gurl throw that money down on my big table Hoes exposed showsAnd if you hating IMA make your able ass disable Bake it take it make it fake itShoot their ass down w/o a damn gun They aint got a chance to save their lives and run Crazy shady maybe baby Them niggas never think of cheating me
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Unformatted text preview: Chair - man Wrench - Air - van French - sexStair - Were/ where - Pay Bayrare - plan Bear - can Bankok Clock block Destroyed Employed Steriod Annoyed Avoid Hood Good Wood Should Try buy fry die Sex stress less press Gurl world Do it fluid Buis is Whiz His biz And Ihm perfect to the point that you cant detect beta par for what u see I donht show my shows on cable Yankees blanket Ainht a gangster will never pretend to be Canht say that most of them are a friend of me Bench - press Youhll die if u bet your life on beating me...
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