Pas RA7 - racial identity and solidarity which Phillips...

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JP Lyninger III African American Art to 1920 Reading Assignment 7 Survival Techniques of Black Americans This essay, by W.M. Phillips, Jr., is an attempt to understand the ways in which black society has survived in a hostile cultural environment. First, Phillips examines American culture, which he views as essentially pluralistic in nature; and Phillips examines the basic elements of black American coping techniques to that society, which Phillips describes as having all the characteristics of a people under constant siege. Phillips examines the historical and sociologically expected survival technique for factions within multi-ethnic societies—group identity and solidarity—and believes this to have been a missing factor in the early development of black American society, as all community and interaction were forced by the white oppressing class. Therefore, a weak or false sense of solidarity emerged in black society, slowing the development of real
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Unformatted text preview: racial identity and solidarity which Phillips views as a recent phenomenon. Phillips also examines covert counter-culture as a survival technique, including dance, music, and folklore. This culture was both in response to the loss of African culture forced by slave owners and to help cope with the brutality of the American culture as a whole towards blacks. Other survival techniques examined include mobility (in both the form of young black women looking for escape in exploitative domestic work in the north and in the abandonment as emotional reaction by black men) and organized religion. Phillips closes with an examination of contemporary techniques including a new surge toward community led action, and questions in the modern context of how black society is to move forward....
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Pas RA7 - racial identity and solidarity which Phillips...

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