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Pas RA4 - culture and practices between the Ethiopians and...

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JP Lyninger III African American Art to 1920 Reading Assignment 4 Ethiopia and the Origin of Civilization John Jackson argues, supported by a large cast of other scholars, that the first civilized culture predated both Egypt and Sumeria. Jackson places that cultures origin in Ethiopia, using a variety of historical texts and examples. From ancient Greek sources such as Herodotus to academics in the middle of the 20 th century, the evidenced of an advanced, black-skinned people is well documented by Jackson. The technological advancements of this Ethiopian original civilization purportedly include the discovery of iron technology, the basis for the astronomical and numeric learning in ancient cultures, and the dual-organizational principal of moieties, and even the concept of divine kingship. There are also several other examples of similar
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Unformatted text preview: culture and practices between the Ethiopians and other ancient cultures, such as the practice of circumcision at a young age being described as part of Ethiopian culture by Herodotus ‘from the earliest times.’ Jackson links Ethiopian and African ancient technology and culture with those across the globe, from the South Pacific islands to possibly the Maya of South America. Jackson also quotes scholars on the possibility that Yoruba is the foundation for the Atlantis myth. Jackson also addresses race in this chapter, particularly charging against the assumption of ancient cultures being part of a great, ancient white race, when all evidence suggests that the Caucasian peoples of Europe were still in a prehistoric mode at the time of zenith of other civilizations....
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