Pas RA3 - and the reactions these sophisticated artistic...

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JP Lyninger III African American Art to 1920 Reading Assignment 3 African Art Geoffrey Hendricks opens his essay by decrying the lack of attention to African art paid in schools, particularly noting the loss for black students, who Hendricks describe as having as strong a connection to the history of art in Africa as white students have to European forms from classical Greece to Picasso. He goes on to compare the seeming spiritual dearth of modern Western life and African people that Hendricks finds closer to the Earth and themselves. Hendricks particularly emphasizes the religious role of art in Africa. Hendricks goes on to describe African art that depicts history, specifically the Bushongo. He describes the earlier sculpture works of the Nok, the Ife, and the Benin,
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Unformatted text preview: and the reactions these sophisticated artistic artifacts elicited from European explorers and archeologists (that they must be examples of either early European or Mediterranean settlement in Africa, or that the craft had been exported from there.) Hendricks is especially contemptuous of these theories and their underlying assumptions. Hendricks portrays African art as total art, placing the mask (the most recognizable aspect of African art) in context of religious activity that would involve dance, costume, music, ceremony and perhaps more. Hendricks continues by describing various forms and functions of the masks in greater West Africa and especially among its secret societies such as the Poro....
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Pas RA3 - and the reactions these sophisticated artistic...

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