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JP Lyninger III African American Art to 1920 Reading Assignment 1 Oasis of Art in the Sahara Tassilli-n-Ajjer, which means ‘Plateau of the Rivers,’ is a world treasure. Following the last ice age, the Saharan region where Tassilli-n-Ajjer is located in Algeria was a more temperate zone. Many ancient artists over the course of thousands of years covered the site with over 4,000 prehistoric rock paintings, and ‘many more engravings.’ Henri Lhote, author of the piece, uses the term ‘Round Head’ for the style of the paintings. The paintings themselves depict various hunting and ceremonial scenes. Lhote
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Unformatted text preview: notes similarities to rites performed by contemporary African peoples. There are animals shown on the walls, such as hippopotamuses, which are no longer indigenous to the area. Ceremonial mask wearing is also depicted. Horse-driven chariot technology is also on display, which Lhote believes denotes the presence of the People of the Sea, a Mediterranean group that once invaded Egypt. One particularly interesting depiction is that of a towering god, where Lhote identifies an artists depiction of muscular form in bumps on each arm to show massive biceps. The figure is horned....
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