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Ayers Chapter 5: The “American Conscience” Grows Fangs Levies Loyalists / Tories vs. Whigs Mexican Silver Presidios George Grenville Sugar Act (1764) Currency Act (1764) Stamp Act (1765) Patrick Henry Stamp Act Congress (1765) Loyal Nine Sons/daughters of Liberty North Carolina Regulators Declaratory Act (1766) Townshend Revenue Act (1767) New York Restraining Act (1767) John Dickinson Charles Townshend Non-Importation Boston = Powder Keg of the Revolution Boston Massacre (1770) Gaspee Incident Tea Act (1773) Samuel Adams 4 Coercive Acts (1774) = Intolerable Acts Quebec Act (1774) Suffolk County Resolves Lexington / Concord Ethan Allen / Green Mt. Boys George Washington Abigail Adams Bunker Hill / Breed’s Hill General Gates General Howe Olive Branch Petition Deborah Sampson “Women of the Army” Thomas Paine Thomas Jefferson Trenton Saratoga General Burgoyne Treaty of Amity and Commerce Treaty of Alliance Fort Wilson Incident Yorktown Gen. Cornwallis Southern Campaign Key Issues
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