Chapter 8

Chapter 8 - Ayers Chapter 8 KEY TERMS: 1. The Second Great...

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Ayers Chapter 8 KEY TERMS: 1. The Second Great Awakening – a series of revivals mainly started by the national Methodist conference in 1800, it lasted into the 1830s. In this time, some sects were created, including the Shakers, the Society of the public universal friends, and universalists. 2. Shakers – officially called the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Coming. Mother Ann Lee believed that she was the embodiment of Christ’s Second Coming. Shakers believed in salvation by confession of sin, total equality, pacifism, and giving to the poor. 3. Millennialism - the belief that the millennium (Christ's second coming) was at hand. 4. Cotton – "In the South, where the expansion of cotton culture ended hopes for the abolition of slavery as tobacco declined, African Americans responded enthusiastically to revivalist preachers." (p. 253) 5. Mother Ann Lee - founder of the religious sect known as the Shakers. 6. Society of universal public friend - founded by Jemima Wilkinson of Rhode Island, who believed she had died and had risen. Similar to the Shakers in doctrine. Established colonies at Lake Seneca NY and then at Keuka Lake (NY?). 7. Universalists - rejected the Calvinistic belief that only the "elect" are saved, believed that everyone could be saved. John Murray had established the American Universalist Church in 1779. 8. Acculturation - Indians adopting white farming methods and gender roles, advocated by Handsome Lake. 9. Tecumseh – beother of Tenskwatawa, Tecumseh and his brother urged the Native Americans to resist the whites and they opposed the acculturation policy. 10. Handsome Lake of the Senecas (Iroquois) told his people to stop drinking alcohol and to stop practicing witchcraft. He supported the Indians adopting the English way of farming and land ownership. 11. Dominique Revolution - In the 1790s, blacks on St. Domingue led by Toussaint
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Chapter 8 - Ayers Chapter 8 KEY TERMS: 1. The Second Great...

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