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Ayers Chapter 6: Development of the American Political Identity Articles of Confederation (1781) State Sovereignty Pennsylvania Radicals Conventions Republican Politics The Gleaner Judith S. Murray Pennsylvania Abolition Law (1780) George Bryan Pennsylvania Abolition Society 1783 – MA Supreme Court ruling on slavery First Continental Congress and prohibition of slave trade Thomas Jefferson Newburgh Conspiracy Robert Morris Gouverneur Morris Alexander Hamilton National Tax Bank of North America (1781) John Adams Treaty of Fort Stanwix (1784) Treaty of Fort McIntosh (1785) Treaty of Fort Finney (1786) Northwest Ordinances (1784- 1787) Shay’s Rebellion Constitutional Convention (1787) Rhode Island Virginia Plan New Jersey Plan Great Compromise Edmund Randolph William Paterson National Government Federal Government 1808 Constitutional Sunset Law in the Constitution 3/5 Slave Law Amendment Federalist (Nationalism) Anti-Federalist (Confederacy) Federalist #10 Federalist Papers Hamilton, Jay, Madison
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