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Chapter 9 Ayers Guide - Economic Development and the...

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Ayers Chapter 9 Guide: Expansion and Economics Andrew Jackson Treaty of Ghent Rush-Bagot Treaty (1817) Convention of 1818 Henry Clay John Calhoun “American System” James Monroe Creek Indians Era of Good Feelings Sequoyah Adams-Onis Treaty (1819) Transcontinental Treaty Second Bank of the U.S Dartmouth College vs. Woodward McCulloch vs. Maryland Gibbons vs. Ogden “National Road” Erie Canal Robert Fulton Cotton Textile Industry Francis Cabot Lodge James Monroe (Pres. 1820) Panic of 1819 Vesey’s “Revolt” Monroe Doctrine Marin Van Buren John Adams (Pres. 1825) Domesticity American Tract Society (1825) American Sunday School Union (1824) Lyman Beecher American Temperance Society Liberia American Colonization Society (1816) Key Issues : Results of the War of 1812 -Impact on Native Americans -Initial Economic Growth -Westward Expansion in the North and the South
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Unformatted text preview: Economic Development and the Expansion of Federal Power-Note specifically the role of the Supreme Court in aiding this process Detailed Understanding of the Missouri Compromise-resulting polarization between North and South-Tallmadge Amendment-American Colonization Society-Role of Henry Clay-36 30’ Decision Detailed Understanding of the Election of 1824-Four Candidates in order: Jackson, Adams, Crawford, Clay-Thrown into House of Representatives-Corrupt Bargain of Henry Clay Women and the “Domesticity” Movement Key Statistics : 1. Over 200 State chartered banks were founded in 1815. This number doubled by 1818. 2. Between 1816 and 1866, about 12,000 African Americans were “exported” to Liberia by the American Colonization Society....
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