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David McHugh February 8, 2004 World Civ. II Honors Mr. Potter Outline III - pp. 491-506 I. The Western power sector was primarily dominated by monarchies in the early to mid 1700’s. A. The philosophies of the Enlightenment (which emphasized natural rights) caused monarchs to be viewed as “Enlightened”. B. The French monarchy thrived under Louis XIV, however Louis XV was easily corrupted and weak in domestic policy, resulting in high taxes and economic problems. C. The British constitutional monarchy thrived under the Stuarts and the Hanovarians, especially the economy. The constant struggle for power of Parliament and the monarch was not radically won by one side, but in most cases the monarch opposed the power of Parliament. II. Central and Eastern Monarchies and Empires A. The Prussian Monarchy (which may be classified as Absolutism), under Frederick William I and Frederick II, enjoyed economic and military success. Although the Prussians were recognized as a strong power, a dangerous economic pyramid
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