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David McHugh February 9, 2004 World Civ. II Honors Mr. Potter Outline IV - pp. 507-519 I. Economics and Culture A. Improving economic conditions, improving health conditions, and territorial expansion led to rapid population growth in Europe in the 1700’s. B. As the new philosophies from the Enlightenment began to work their way into European culture, the previous beliefs regarding the family were brought into question; the members of the family started to be viewed as more equal. However, infanticide became a problem in the lower class. C. The rapid population growth was not due to an increase in births because of the newer focus on late marriages. D. Most of Europe, especially England, experienced an agricultural boom because of more farmland, better livestock, higher crop yields (partly due to the use of manure as a fertilizer), and a warmer, more moderate climate. E. The new idea of paper money and buying “on credit” further aided Britain in its economic success. The French also attempted this, but failed as the
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