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David McHugh February 8, 2004 World Civ. II Honors Mr. Potter Outline II - pp. 535-551 I. The National Convention (which began in 1792) and the remains of the monarchical system led to the rest of the violent French Revolution. A. The National Convention, which replaced the Legislative Assembly, destroyed the monarchy and established a Republic in France, and once again two political parties were formed (the Gironians and the Mountain) B. The “Mountain” soon came to political dominance, and Louis XVI was killed as a result. However, further economic troubles diminished the power of the National Convention, and several pro-monarch groups began to emerge in resistance to the revolution. II. The Committee of Public Safety A. Surrounding countries (which were monarchies) formed a coalition army to restore the old regime in France, but (through the Committee of Public Safety), a huge French army formed and successfully repelled its enemies. B. The Committee of Public Safety was primarily responsible for the Reign of Terror.
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